Sofia Manou was born and brought up in Ludwigshafen of Germany.

Her relationship  with music  started when  she was  only 6 years  old , by learning how  to play  the flutes  and the  piano  at the  “Musikschule Ludwigshafen”.

She has studied European music as well.

In 2000 Sofia returned toThessaloniki, where she studied at the Commerce and Advertisement Department of Thessaloniki’s T.E.I.

From 2002 to 2006 she took part in more than 60 concerts entitled “I am a little refugee”.

She participated in numerous music performances all aroundGreeceas well.

In the spring of 2006 her first cd single called “So you left” was published in Stefanos Korkolis music and Vaggelis Konstantinidis & Panou Falara lyrics. Stefanos Korkolis edited the cd production himself.

At the same year she participated in the cd called “Prosdoko Anastasin” (consisting of hymns of the Holy Week) together with Stamatis Gonidis and Vasilis Saleas.

In the year of 2011 together with the newspaper Real News her cd entitled “Alithos Anesti” was published, including the nicest Holy week’s hymns chanting herself and having the famous actress Katerina Lechou narrating the holy drama.

At the Special Olympics World Summer Games ATHENS 2011 termination ceremony, the song called “BYZANTINO” was broadcast in Stefanos Korkolis music and Sofia’s Manou improvisation while the universally well known artist Kseniya Simonova created with sand part of the greek history.